AeroNav Charts

AeroNav Charts

AeroNav Charts Overview provides pilots with an online refresher training course on the use of AeroNav charts for flight planning and operations purposes. A separate Jeppesen Charts training course is also available.

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Presents information on how to read and utilize AeroNav charts. Pilots will gain a basic understanding of the available navigational charts and be able to reinforce training through practical real-world application scenarios.

For Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training, our AeroNav Charts Overview course provides a foundation of knowledge and understanding for flight crews to ensure proper chart use.

Topics Addressed
  • Area Charts
  • Departure and Arrival Charts
  • Enroute Low Altitude Charts
  • Enroute High Altitude Charts
  • Approach Charts

Requirements and Resources

  • 14 CFR Part 135.293 (a)(4)
  • 14 CFR Part 135.345 (a)(5)
  • AeroNav Chart User’s Guide
  • IAPs training requirements

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