Airspace Overview

Airspace Overview

Airspace Overview provides introductory and recurrent online pilot training that covers the classes of airspace and the associated ATC procedures.

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Our Airspace Overview course equips pilots with essential knowledge and procedures for navigating various airspace classifications. Whether flying in Class A, B, C, D, E, or G airspace, or encountering special use areas like ADIZ, this course ensures pilots prepared for the rules and regulations they will encounter.

The course covers controlled and uncontrolled airspace nuances, ATC authorizations, Airport Advisory and Information Services, VFR operations, and adept use of Sectional Charts and IFR Low Altitude charts.

Our Airspace Overview training fulfills regulatory requirements for Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91, and provides pilots with a solid understanding of ATC protocols for safe and efficient operations.

Topics Addressed
  • Class A airspace
  • Class B airspace
  • Class C airspace
  • Class D airspace
  • Class E airspace
  • Class G airspace
  • Special Use Areas
  • Other Airspace Areas
  • ADIZ
  • Charting

Requirements and Resources

  • Part 135.293 (a)(5)
  • Part 135.345 (a)(4)
  • 8900.1, Vol. 3, Chapter 19, Section 3, 3-1145

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