Corporate Aviation Security

Corporate Aviation Security

This Corporate Aviation Security online training course provides operators with information to develop and maintain a security program for their operation.

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Our Corporate Aviation Security course centers on a comprehensive approach to aviation security, encompassing the assessment of threats and vulnerabilities, prevention, and swift response to aviation threats. This course serves as an essential tool for developing operator security protocols for new hires and delivering recurrent training to prevent complacency and ensure that all personnel are trained with the most current security protocols.

Our Corporate Aviation Security course is designed to meet industry standards and guidelines. It covers essential aspects such as developing a tailored security program, enhancing the security of both personnel and passengers, and adhering to the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) guidelines. The course also provides effective strategies for threat response, ensuring that participants are equipped to handle any security situation.

This course is intended for Part 91 pilot training and provides targeted measures to decrease vulnerabilities when operating in and out of airports with varying levels of security.

Topics Addressed
  • Corporate aviation security
  • Assessing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Threat prevention
  • Developing a security program
  • Personnel and Passenger Security
  • LASP
  • Threat responses

Requirements and Resources

  • IS-BAO AMC 15.0
  • NBAA Best Practices for Business Aviation
  • Manual on Threat Assessment and Risk Management Methodology

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