The CRM-ADM online training course provides pilots with fundamental training for crew resource management and aeronautical decision making and is available for pilots of both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.

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Our CRM-ADM course addresses a diverse array of knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for proficient decision-making in the cockpit. This comprehensive program equips pilots with the tools necessary to manage resources amidst the dynamic environment of flight.
Through tutorials and lessons, pilots not only refine their decision-making acumen but also cultivate robust team cohesion and leadership prowess, essential for effective crew management. Moreover, CRM-ADM offers specialized training tailored for pilots operating single-pilot aircraft, ensuring tailored proficiency across various operational contexts. Encompassing topics such as the PIC’s responsibilities, fatigue risk management, effective communication strategies, comprehensive briefings, team building and maintenance, workload distribution, stress management techniques, and the practical application of Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM).
This course enables Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilots to confidently navigate diverse challenges encountered during flight operations.
Topics Addressed
  • Responsibility of the PIC
  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Briefings
  • Team Building and Maintenance
  • Workload Distribution
  • Stress Management
  • Applying ADM

Requirements and Resources

  • 135.330 (a-d)
  • 8900.1 Vol 3, Ch 19
  • AC 120-51E
  • AC 700-042

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