Drug and Alcohol Training

Drug and Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Training covers initial and recurrent training for those performing safety-sensitive functions in the aviation industry under the Part 120 Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.

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The Drug and Alcohol Training course provides valuable information to pilots and other personnel performing safety-sensitive functions in the aviation industry, Drug and Alcohol Testing Program requirements, as well as how to handle potential substance abuse issues in the workplace. This course is available in versions geared for both employees and supervisors.

Drug and Alcohol Training fulfils the requirements laid out in 14 CFR Part 120 for providing information regarding the Drug and Alcohol Testing Program to employees, as well as fulfilling the training requirements for supervisors.

Topics Addressed
  • Roles and Responsibilities within Your Organization
  • Prohibited Conduct and Behavior
  • Types of Drug and Alcohol Tests
  • Abuse Symptoms, Harmful Effects, and Intervention

Requirements and Resources

  • 49 CFR Part 40
  • 14 CFR Part 120

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