Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)

Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) Online Aviation Training Course

The Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) course provides pilots with introductory and recurrent training on the use of Electronic Flight Bags in the cockpit.

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Our Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) course is designed to provide pilots with an introduction to EFBs, including the operation of the device and abnormal and emergency procedures. The course ensures that pilots have an understanding of their EFB devices and how to operate them in flight. It covers the types of EFBs and applications available, procedures for using the EFB while in flight, and how to troubleshoot common problems that may arise. Additionally, lithium battery safety is emphasized throughout the course, ensuring that pilots are aware of the potential risks associated with these devices.

This course fulfills the requirements of Operations Specifications/MSpec/LOA A025 and A061, providing pilots with a foundational understanding of their EFB devices. It emphasizes the importance of being proficient in the operation of EFBs and understanding the implications of abnormal and emergency procedures that may be required.

Topics Addressed
  • Introduction to EFBs
  • Operation of the EFB
  • Abnormal and Emergency Procedures

Requirements and Resources

  • AC 120-76
  • AC 91-78
  • Operation Specification/MSpec/LOA A025
  • Operation Specification/MSpec/LOA A061

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