Fundamentals of Instruction

This Fundamentals of Instruction course introduces check airmen and flight instructors to learning styles and teaching techniques, and how they relate to the task of teaching aeronautical knowledge and skills to pilots.

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Fundamentals of Instruction provides check airmen and flight instructors an introduction to instructing pilots. Topics covered include duties, functions, responsibilities, conducting flight instruction, evaluating students, human behavior, teaching methods, learning process, assessment and critique, and teaching risk management. 

This course includes two tutorials that can be tailored to your company’s needs for check airmen or flight instructors. The flight instructor tutorial supplements classroom training requirements of 14 CFR parts 135.337 and 135.339. The check airmen tutorial supplements classroom training requirements of 14 CFR parts 135.338 and 135.340. 

Topics Addressed
  • Main Responsibilities of Instructors
  • Conducting flight instruction and evaluating students
  • Teaching methods
  • Learning process
  • Assessment and critique
  • Risk management
  • Aircraft procedures

Requirements and Resources

  • 14 CFR Part 135.337-338
  • 14 CFR Part 135.339-340
  • FAA-H-8083-3, Airplane Flying Handbook.
  • FAA-S-8081-6D, Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards for Airplane
  • AC 120-51E, Crew Resource Management Training
  • FAA-S-ACS-71, Commercial Pilot – Airplane Airman Certification Standards

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