Jeppesen Chart Training

Jeppesen Charts Online Aviation Training Course

Jeppesen Charts is designed to provide pilots with refresher training in fundamental Jeppesen chart reading and use.

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Our Jeppesen Charts course trains pilots on proper chart use, allowing them to navigate Area, Enroute Low Altitude, Enroute High Altitude, Approach, and Departure/Arrival Charts with location and altitude accuracy. This foundational knowledge is essential for Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training, enabling safe and efficient flights. By mastering these charts, pilots can identify potential hazards, plan their routes, maintain safe altitudes, and execute precise approach and departure procedures.

Jeppesen Charts are a critical component of aviation, providing pilots with the necessary information to navigate their aircraft and maintain safe altitudes throughout their flight. Our course is designed to equip pilots with the knowledge and skills necessary to read and understand these charts accurately, ensuring safe and successful flights. Whether flying long-distance flights or navigating complex airspace around airports, our course provides a comprehensive understanding of Jeppesen Charts to enhance flight safety and efficiency.

Topics Addressed
  • Area Charts
  • Enroute Low Altitude Charts
  • Enroute High Altitude Charts
  • Approach Charts
  • Departure and Arrival Chart

Requirements and Resources

  • 135.293(a)(4)
  • 135.345(a)(5)

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