METAR and TAF Online Aviation Training Course

Our METAR and TAF course provides an excellent introduction to the concept of reading abbreviated weather reports and forecasts as well as a great refresher for the practiced aviator.

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Our METAR and TAF course is designed to help pilots of Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 understand coded weather reports and forecasts. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the elements of aviation weather reports, how they are coded, and how to interpret them. Through this course, pilots will review METAR elements and remarks, TAF, and abbreviations and their meanings.

METAR and TAF weather reports hold critical information that can greatly impact your flight’s safety and success. Our course equips pilots with with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze these reports can maximize the likelihood of informed aeronautical weather decisions, leading to a secure and safe flights.

Topics Addressed
  • METAR Elements
  • METAR Remarks
  • TAF
  • Abbreviations and their Meanings

Requirements and Resources

  • AC00-6
  • 14 CFR Part 135.345

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