Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) provides an overview of the purpose of the MEL and how to utilize it to defer inoperative equipment.

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The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) course is designed to provide personnel with an overview of the purpose and use of the Minimum Equipment List, including Master MELs. This tutorial provides instruction on the structure and contents of an MEL and basic procedures on using an MEL to defer inoperative equipment. 

This course meets the training requirements and recommendations specified in the 8900.1 Vol. 4 Ch. 4, Sec 2 and 3 MEL Requirements, ISBAO Chapter 8, and the NBAA Management Guide. 

Topics Addressed
  • Master MEL
  • Nonessential Equipment and Furnishings
  • Configuration Deviation List
  • Repair Categories

Requirements and Resources

  • 8900.1 Vol. 4, Ch4, Sec1
  • 8900.1 Vol. 4, Ch4, Sec2
  • 8900.1 Vol. 4, Ch4, Sec3
  • ISBAO Ch 8
  • NBAA Management Guide (Section 2)
  • FAA OpSpec/MSpec/LOA D095/D195

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