Nigh Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles Online Aviation Training Course

Our Night Vision Goggles course is designed for introductory and recurrent training for both rotor wing and fixed wing pilots.

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Our Night Vision Goggles (NVG) course emphasizes significant human factors, including how the eye works with NVGs, the downsides, like impacts of other light sources, and normal, abnormal, and emergency operations associated with NVGs. In addition, the course covers critical aspects of equipment and operations, environmental and situational considerations, and thorough planning for emergency interventions. This course is an outstanding fit for anyone needing a comprehensive understanding of NVG operations for Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training.

Safety is paramount when using NVGs, and our training program covers techniques and protocols required to operate NVGs safely. Our course enables pilots to identify and manage other sources of light and environmental considerations that come with NVG use. Through this training pilots will be well-equipped to fly confidently, knowing they have the skills to handle any situation that arises.

Topics Addressed
  • Downsides of Night Vision Goggles
  • Human Factors
  • Other Sources of Light
  • Equipment and Operation
  • Environment and Considerations
  • Planning and Emergency Operations

Requirements and Resources

  • 61.31(K)
  • 800.1, Vol 4, CH 7, Sect 4

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