Runway Incursion

Runway Incursion

Our Runway Incursion course provides initial and refresher training to prepare pilots for operations in airport environments.

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Runway Incursion instructs pilots on how to use situational awareness and proper preparation in order to ensure safe airport operations. In this course, you’ll become familiar with the airport environment and the FAA implemented programs designed to reduce the number of incidents that occur in areas designated for takeoff and landing.

For Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training, Runway Incursion fulfills the FAA training requirements for Ground Vehicle Operations and Airport Markings and provides essential knowledge of standard procedures used during ground operations.

Topics Addressed
  • Flight Planning
  • Ground Operations
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Airport Lighting
  • Airport Pavement Markings and Signs
  • Equipment and Technology

Requirements and Resources

  • AC 150/5210-20
  • AC 150/5340-1
  • AC 91-73
  • SAFO 11004

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