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Pilots receive incentives to file flight plans for rescue dogs 

Did you hear about the massive beagle rescue earlier this year? Four thousand beagles were transported from a research breeding facility in Virginia, making their way toward loving, caring foster homes and then finally to their forever families. Pilots flew a considerable number of them via animal rescue flight organizations. These pilots are literally filing a flight plan for FIDO!  

I had no idea there were so many animal rescue organizations that involved airplanes and volunteer pilots. (How do I sign up?) Pilots N Paws, Animal Rescue Flights (ARF), Pilots to the Rescue, Wings of Rescue, and more, are rescues that save thousands and thousands of animals.  

In particular, Pilots N Paws recently partnered with an aviation organization to make the work they do a little less expensive for the volunteers. Florida-based Sheltair, a Fixed-base-operator, has agreed to assist with the costs associated with these rescue flights, and the rescue community could not be more grateful. Maybe it’s because Sheltair is based in Florida, where a high number of animal euthanasia takes place, or perhaps it is because the FBO management has a soft spot for animals, but whatever the reason, it’s a fantastic partnership.   

The number of rescued animals is incredible. Pilots N Paws was founded in 2008 (I still can’t believe I am just now learning about this operation), and since then, they have rescued more than 200,000 animals by flying them from high-kill shelters to no-kill shelters. Once there, they are matched with foster families and, when ready, move to their forever homes.   

For participating pilots to receive fuel discounts, the volunteer pilots will be issued digital cards to show the staff at the FBO when flying rescue missions. What a great incentive to make a difference for these animals!   

Over 6000 aviation enthusiasts have answered the call to volunteer for Pilots N Paws. Visit https://www.pilotsnpaws.org/ to learn more about how easy it is to file a flight plan and save a life. 

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