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Flat-light, Whiteout, and Brownout Conditions

Flat-light, Whiteout, and Brownout Conditions provides pilots with training in how to plan for, avoid, and handle each of these IIMC conditions.

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Our Flat-light, Whiteout, and Brownout Conditions subject equips pilots with crucial insights into these perilous meteorological and environmental situations. This course emphasizes recognizing each condition and its potential occurrence and offers prevention, mitigation, and safe extraction techniques from these conditions.
This course also sheds light on the deceptive nature of optical illusions that can occur in these conditions. It underscores the importance of identifying reference points and obstacles, enhancing a pilot’s ability to navigate safely even in the most challenging weather conditions. Additionally, the course delves into the nuances of self-induced whiteout and brownout situations, offering strategies for pre-planning to avoid such scenarios.
In compliance with Part 135 pilot training requirements, this course lays the groundwork for understanding how to counter inadvertent IMC and tackle flat-light, whiteout, and brownout conditions.
Topics Addressed
  • Flat-light, whiteout, and brownout
  • Self-induced whiteout and brownout
  • Pre-planning
  • Optical Illusions
  • Reference points and obstacles

Requirements and Resources

  • 14 CFR 135.293 (a)(9) & (h)
  • 8900.1 Vol 3 Ch 19 S7 Paragraph 3-1280 (A)(9)
  • NTSB Safety Recommendation A-02-33 through -35
  • AC 135-14B
  • AIM 7-6-13

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